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TRI Woltman Flowmeter - DN50
TRI Woltman Flowmeter - DN50
TRI Woltman Flowmeter - DN50


TRI Woltman Flowmeter - DN50



Weight(grams): 1300

Dimension: 20 cm (Length) x 17 cm (Width) x 26 cm (Height)

- Measuring the volume of cold (hot) water passing through the pipeline

- Removable element structure, easy installation and maintenance, register for universal
use within this range detachable without Removing the meter from the pipeline;
- Dry-dial, Magnetic drive sensitive action, small pressure loss;
- Vacuum sealed register ensures the dial keep free from fog and Keep the reading
clear in a long term service;
- Selected high quality materials for steady & reliable characteristic;
- Technical data conform to international standard ISO 4064.

Working condition
Water temperature: 0.1℃~40℃ ( 0.1℃~90℃ for hot water meter)
Water pressure: ≤1Mpa (1.6MPa for special requirement)

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