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GREEN Combustion Furnace
GREEN Combustion Furnace
GREEN Combustion Furnace


GREEN Combustion Furnace


Max Temperature: -
- Less than 100degC
- More than 100degC, less than 200degC
- More than 200degC

Max pressure: -
- Environment pressure
- System pressure less than 10 bar
- System pressure more than 10 bar.

Green Combustion Furnace Application: -
- Curing
- Sterilization
- Heating product temperature
- Other

Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels available. While combustion of
natural gas does produce carbon dioxide, it produces about 30 percent less than oil and 45 percent less than coal, and natural gas does not produce ash particles like coal and oil do, which adds to air pollution.

Recently global warming become very importance issue which everybody is
responsible to take action.

Combustion natural gas does not have as much of an effect on global warming
compared to other greenhouse gases. With the recycle energy system design within our GREEN Combustion Furnace, we can easily save up 10%-20% natural gas which mean release less carbon dioxide to our atmosphere.


Carbon Credits Explained

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